Friday, March 23rd, 2012 Packed-Up Heart

Scarborough, Ontario
We entered into the space of clutter, a unit is a typical suburban industrial park. It’s a humble space, but adequate for a small and surging or growing community dedicated to Krishna’s devotion. But ‘clutter’ may not be the word to describe the abode of several deities of Krishna, tables chairs, altars, tables, chairs and more tables and chairs.
Our purpose in coming here was for me to make a regular visit to the community and to keep our drama troupe engaged. We were set to perform “Jagannatha Story”. Our crew consisting of Dhruva, Yogendra, Nitai Priya, Sing Lung and Tanis, became determined to do a make-over, a spring cleaning. We intended to preserve a temple-feel and innovate a beautiful theatre space. As we moved speakers, and of course tables and chairs, pictures on the wall, book cases etc. (with blessings from the staff) I felt my heart become cleaned. It was a consensus amongst us.
In order to serve, in order to perform, in order to execute anything, tools, space, time, energy, assistance becomes essential. In the same way the heart’s condition, although cluttered and confused; when strong will sets-in, then all that is filthy can be cleared away. This clearing of the heart becomes a work in progress and takes time.
Our transformation of the room was a rather quick procedure. Cleaning the heart is a much more lengthy process and may take lifetimes.
In any event a new space was created which everyone appreciated. The congregational audience really enjoyed our devotional drama as well.
The next time you feel confused inside or cluttered with issues you may just try to go for a weeding out, so to speak, a cleansing, or just a rearranging. It really works. And definitely it helps to chant at the same time.
10 Km
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