Monday, February 27th, 2012 I Read a Document

Mayapura, West Bengal

As our drama troupe for this festival time readied ourselves for yet
another practice with tonight’s performance of “Krishna the 8th Boy”,
I read from a document that was addressing performing arts standards.
It’s contents are much of what you would expect from the headquarters
of a spiritual culture. I’ll share the major portion of this brief
which I think you’ll find interesting and which, as it reads, “To help
provide quality entertainment that is purifying and uplifting…”

About Music. As a general rule the use of non-devotional music
(Western pop, Bollywood or other styles) is discouraged… If
non-devotional music is required for soundtracks then please make sure
the music is in context and used appropriately…

Dress code:
-No transparent cloth
-No open hair for women

-No tight cloth
-No low dhotis that show belly button
-No low skirts that show belly button

Mixing of Sexes:
-No physical contact on or off the stage between sexes
-Maintain chastity while interacting
-Maintain devotional mood


Philosophical Standards:

The themes, ideas and conclusions of any performance pieces should be
philosophically correct according to the teachings of ISKCON…

While comedy is a popular form of entertainment it is cautioned that
any such performances must be careful not to offend any Vaishnavas –
make light of that which is sacred — degrade the mood into triviality
or the mundane in pursuance of laughing enjoyment


It is hoped that this list will not dampen the spirits of those who
are dedicated to the Vaishnava arts, and the service of the
Vaishnavas. It is only our hope that beautiful uplifting Vaishnava
artistic performance piece can be offered for the pleasure of Srila
Prabhupada.  (from Mayapur Performing Arts Standards Committee)

By the way, the performance of “Krishna, the 8th Boy” has evolved to a
new level.

6 Km
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