Monday, January 21st, 2013

 Getting To Know Him and His Method
Calgary, Alberta
I hadn’t picked up a particular topic to speak from until I arrived at the home of Rakesh. “You need to know your audience” is my prescription in order to be effective in delivering a message. My hosts, Radha Madhav and Swasti, who drove me, are from Fiji, but I was aware that Rakesh and family are from the Punjab. When I entered Rakesh’s living room, the four walls were lined with people from, my guess, North India. They were seated in lotus position, were smiling and offering pranams. I introduced myself and then went around the room asking everyone’s name and where they came from. It was obvious origins were India, except for their lively kids who were born in Canada. The Punjab and Hariyana states were well represented. Few people from the north know of Chaitanya, or at least, may have faintly heard of Him, so I opened up my talk by now introducing Him.
Chaitanya is a Krishna incarnate, a revolutionary and an avatar for the age. I went on to explain His being contemporary to Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, and Mirabai, a noted female saint – both known in North India. Chaitanya roamed by foot through the subcontinent of India and was prevalent just over 500 years ago. His approach to spirituality was so relevant then as it is now. His particular brand of bhakti (devotion), entails mainly the singing of mantras to the beat of drum, so that’s what we did in Rakesh’s living room apart from speaking of Chaitanya’s effectiveness, His miracles, His charm and purity.
I felt it was my job to give these nice and attentive people acquainted with Chaitanya, who’s also known as The Golden Avatar, and whose grace and method can touch all hearts.
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