Sunday, February 26th, 2012 Someone Wanted to Know

Mayapura, West Bengal

When the sun hides behind the horizon, or begins to, it becomes

welcoming to take a second walk. Down towards the Tarampura Road I go.

A fellow then tags along, introduces himself and is determined to ask

a ton of questions.

I anticipated a quiet walk, a private time, but this fellow wanted to
let out what he needed to. First of all, it was a little about his

life and a failed marriage; then he started to probe into my
methodology for the long cross-country walks I’ve done.

“I’m really curious to know how you do it. I’m a kind of a gypsy and
I’m thinking to duplicate your program.” I did take him seriously
though and did not pass him off as eccentric. He donned the
traditional clothes of dhoti and kurta. But really I was just more
into the mood of a quiet walking experience after having dealt with
people all day.


He asked again, “how do you manage the walking day to day? Where do
you stay at night? etc…”


 I rather abruptly said, “Here is how I do it. I put my hand on my
beads and start chanting, then I walk moving my legs. Please follow.”


So he took out his beads for chanting and did as I did. We walked past
the elephants, then onto the interlocked cobbles of the Tarampura
Road, then right on a dust tree-lined trail and another right through

a residential grhasta (family) enclave. We came to a stop.

We just chanted softly the whole time. And I said to the curious
fellow, “You asked how I do these marathon walks. I just showed you.”
Instead of feeling that perhaps I ignored him, he expressed the
greatest appreciation. He confirmed, “When you do these walks it’s
something to do with you and Krishna, ain’t it?”


“Yes, it’s something like that. I hope in the future you will be able

to duplicate it.”

“I’m going to try” he said satisfied.

7 Km

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