Thursday, February 23rd, 2012 I Had Lunch

Mayapura, West Bengal


I had lunch at the school of Bhakti Vidya Purna Swami. As you enter his 19 acre property, you are immediately transported to another time. There are impressions there of old with the common local thatched roofs. The drain pipes that you see are rather classy. A yoli, a prehistoric creature cross-bred with lion, elephant and crocodile has water running though spilling out into a larger gutter.


Everything is quite natural here including the organic dahl, veggies and rice they grow right on sight. Under the shade of one of the huts sat an American monk to my left and to my right was an African monk. Kiddie Corner was a South American monk who told a joke about mosquitoes. Those guys are on our minds in the night even if you use nets. Here it goes
There was this mosquito family, Papa Mosquito, Mama Mosquito and Baby Mosquito. The baby was growing very healthy and strong. It came to a point in time where he was to go on his first flight. His parents supported him so well and were proud that he was to take on this great achievement. Baby Mosquito happily flew on his was and returned back safely. His parents inquired, “Well, what was your experience?”


“It was a great flight. Everywhere I went people were giving me so much applause!”


I relayed this re`latable joke to my room-mates Goura and Prem, who had returned from theirĀ  evening performance of “Krishna, the 8th Boy”. They were feeling good about being the recipients of an appreciative audience. Applause they got and fortunately our room was a mosquito-free zone to add to the pleasantness we encountered.

7 Km

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