Thursday, March 29th, 2012 A Cancelled Trek

Phoenix ,Mauritius
Our three-to four hour walk with destination Belle Mare Beach got cancelled due to the rain. By 5:30 AM there was a clearing of clouds but we had already announced the cancellation, and were determined to stay put for the morning Sadhana at the Bon Accueil temple. A brief wayward stroll became an opportunity by way of a side-road from the temple. A small entourage came along. Of course we were to share the road. The night time shower attracted frogs and snails of all kinds. Unfortunately some of those creatures met with moving tires for the first time.
Bats in Mauritius have a passion for fruit. To distract them from ravaging an entire tree, the fruit farmers will attach devices with departed bats dangling on to deter the critters. I mistook the devices, at first, for being TV cable antenna. This and other things we saw along the way.
One thing to be seen on a second trek for the day was a gorgeous banyan tree. I had asked Kala, the driver, to our evening engagement venue what might be the topic of discussion. It came to a self resolve to speak on 15.1 from the Gita regarding the entangling and confusing banyan tree. With roots everywhere, down and above, and especially when this great giant is situated next to a water reservoir it then enhances the confusion about where the tree began. What was the original root?
To intrigue the attendees this evening we asked the group to appreciate the analogy of this tree to the entangling mundane world and how it is reflected from the actual “real” world.
We tend to be immersed in the perverted reflection forgetting that there is an eternal reality.

5 Km

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