Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 The Ear and The Evening

Flacq, Mauritius
I got settled in the home of Amar and Priya yet there was something unsettling. For a good three weeks now I have been experiencing an ear infection. The right ear has water trapped inside and it impairs my hearing. To Kala, a local devotee of French descent, I said “Help!”
“We will go to Dr. Sharma,” he said. With no sweat Kala booked the appointment with the Dr. We set for the clinic on foot down a no-name road in the town of Flacq, down a no-name slippery path next to a no-name creek and then along a well travelled trail by a mechanic’s shop. Careful! Grease and mud make for a great slip and slide. To the main road named Main Road we went to the village of Bramsthan.
There Dr. Sharma did greet us at the dispensary. But first medical history had to be recorded by pen. The nurse asked the question behind a desk and a narrow indoor window. I gave her my no-monk name. I could see the files of clients behind her in an antique open shelf system. The files were old and dog-eared. It was like 1922 flashback of a previous life. The place was so quaint and primitive.
The other end of the waiting room accommodates the pharmacy, another obscure through-the-tiny- window place. It seemed that Kala purchased half the pharmacy for my treatment. I guess that’s doctor’s love.
At the Krishna Balaram Temple I did speak about the asset of youth in our communities. I asked all teens and near teens to take a front row seat. I addressed them, “Okay you‘re a teen. You’re mean and you want a big machine! But on the bright side you have talent, energy, great ideas, hope, sincerity.”
From the Gita we learn that God is “puranam” -very old, the oldest. On the other end, He’s young and never looks beyond 16. He has unending energy, intelligence and a Super Hero beyond all human conditions.
Nava Yauvanam. God is an ever-fresh youth. God has many names.
5 Km
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